Throw Me a Lifeline

Throw Me a Lifeline

Posted: December 1, 2017

A letter to my hurting friends — near and far. I LOVE YOU!!

Dear Sweet Friend,

I know that your heart is broken. I know that it keeps on breaking. Sometimes when glass falls to the ground, it breaks into large chunks and other times it shatters into tiny slivers. Your heart is probably experiencing all of this moment by moment and day by day. Sometimes in our brokenness, there’s a layer of fog that covers the broken pieces. It’s fuzzy. It’s blurry. It’s numbing. Our grief and our pain is not crystal clear. It’s not full of light. It’s not simple. It’s complicated. No two journeys are the same. Your story is unique. Your pain is your pain. Your pain is real.

Our journeys are different. I don’t know your exact pain but I do know deep pain…the “take your breath away” kind of pain. I wish I could hug you and tell you how sorry I am for all you are going through; for all you are suffering through. Our valleys are deep, long, and dark. There are terrifying corners and turns at unknown places. This journey is treacherous and few can persevere through the valley with us. It has no expiration date and no visible finish line.

Now that the holidays are here, you may feel even more alone. Maybe you can hear others singing Christmas carols up on the mountain top while you cry yourself to sleep down in the valley. Maybe the thoughts of simple traditions make your stomach turn and your eyes sting. Maybe you’re angry at God, frustrated with the day to day, and asking the hard questions. In this moment I want to speak hope and life into the center of your valley.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay!

It’s okay to cry every day, to weep and wail, to punch things, throw things and scream at the top of your lungs! This is grief. This is suffering. This is what a broken heart looks like. This is the weight of the holidays on top of ongoing loss and sadness.

Oh sweet, precious friend…

Let me whisper something into your ear as I hold you and hug you…

“I am so sorry you are walking this road. I am so sorry that I can’t fix it. You are not alone. You are loved. We are in our valleys together. I am here suffering alongside you. I get it. It sucks. BUT, this is not the end of the story. God is not punishing you. He’s not leaving you. In fact, He’s turning these ashes into something amazing and beautiful. The story has just begun. What the enemy is using to destroy you, the Lord is using to rebuild you. He’s rebuilding me too! Don’t quit. Don’t roll over. Don’t lose hope. We are in this together. I just love and adore you, my friend. Let’s walk this out together and watch what miracles God does! The Lord loves you!! You are His!! Trust Him in the storm.”

A violent storm came quickly into my life the day Jeff died. My life that was built on a firm foundation in Christ Jesus, was demolished in one evening. Ever since that day, I have been trudging through the valley clinging to my Lord and Savior. He has proven Himself faithful to walk with me the entire way. I am not actually alone. I have His Spirit in me and the Lord Jesus with me. I am empowered by His Spirit to live a life full of hope and victory! “The JOY of the Lord is my strength.” —Nehemiah 8:10

The Choice

We only have two choices, my friend…

We can believe God is who He says He is and follow Him forever.
We can roll over, quit, and let the enemy have his way with us.

I choose the first one. What do you choose? You don’t have to choose alone. Choose the first one with me!!

In His Grip and By His Love,

Your friend,

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  • Connie December 11, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    That was so beautiful thank you so much. May God bless you ❤️


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